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Kaleo Fellowship is a small group of people from all walks of life who are being changed by Jesus Christ. Most weeks we gather to worship God, grow in our relationship with each other and experience a relevant message, which teaches truths from the Bible. We are passionate about sharing the love of Christ by caring for each other and making a difference in our communities. On the last Sunday of each month we go out into the community committing random acts of kindness and radical acts of service. 



What are your gatherings like?


The Gathering, our "weekly" worship service is comprised of the three primary elements: fellowship, meaningful worship and teaching intended to inspire and challenge us to know and follow Jesus better. A weekend experience lasts roughly an hour and quarter. We typically meet in the AKSC facility on Allen Rd, but occasionally we will meet in a living room (did we mention we were a small church). There is no dress code and we aren't formal about anything. If you have kids and prefer to keep them in with you during The Gathering, you are welcome to do that, but we do have children's ministry available. Come have some Coffee or Tea and a donut hole and check us out, we promise we don't bite. 



I tried to visit but you weren't there.


We're sorry if we missed you. The last Sunday of each month is our Gone for Good (G4G) week. We dedicate this Sunday to "Being Good News", this may mean serving the marginalized in our community or having breakfast with our neighbors, read more about G4G here. If it wasn't the last week of the month and you didn't find us at AKSC, we may have been meeting in someone's home that week. The best way to know where we are is to email us and ask, but you could also try our Facebook page.



What about my children?


K2 is our Children’s ministry for birth through through age 12. The youngest children, ages birth through 2, will experience God’s love through the care of adults who watch them and play with them while their parents enjoy their time of worship. Your older kids will enjoy a time of praise and worship, as well as a Bible lesson designed to reach kids on their level with innovative messages and engaging interactivity  We are really excited about children’s ministry and are excited to partner with you to teach your kids how to live in relationship with their loving creator. 



Anything for teens?


The youth ministry of Kaleo Fellowship is designed to encourage students in seventh through twelfth grade to get involved in our fellowship and is dedicated to connecting the heart of your student to the heart of God.

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